Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Daily Dose of D League Deliciousness

No games to report about today, but there has been some player movement.

-Idaho waived NBA vet Eddie Robinson due to injury. I'm sure, that, at the very least, he'll catch back on with another D League team once he's returned to health.

-Arkansas waived Matt Haryasz. That's one less Stanford player the world has to pay attention to now. Hurray.

-Bakersfield acquired Scooter McFagdon. Scooter. McFagdon.


I mean now there's a name.

Scooter McFagdon

-PJ Tucker was recalled by Toronto. He was scoring 10.3 a game on the season for Colorado.

And if you haven't been listening to me, at least listen to Deadspin. They linked to Rod Benson's blog today. Rod Benson is the best person in professional basketball. Go read.


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