Thursday, February 08, 2007

Guess I was wrong, sorta/Daily Dose of D League Deliciousness (Man I love/hate/love that name)

In my rundown of the D League All Stars the other day, I had this to say about Sioux Falls center Jared Reiner:

"C Jared Reiner- Sioux Falls
Reiner, who went to Iowa and was last in the NBA with Chicago, has 13.8 points and 8.6 rebounds a game this season.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Decent size, solid on the boards. I'd put him at 45%."

Apparently, 45% was 55% too low, as Reiner finds himself today becoming the league's tenth.....GATORADE CALLUP. He'll be joining Milwaukee on a ten day contract that, in all liklihood, won't be renewed. I should also point out I was very wrong in putting like 8 dudes ahead of him, none of which were called up before him. So yes. Very wrong Jonny. Very very wrong of you.

well done, you goofy, goofy looking white dude

Other items of short note:

-Los Angeles signed John Gilchrist. Isn't this the same John Gilchrist that people were kinda upset went undrafted? The same Maryland star? Am I missing something? How do you go from sorta fringe second round pick to catching on with a mediocre D League team?

-Milwaukee recalled Damir Markota from Tulsa. I know, my reaction was "Who?" too. He had played 16 minutes in 1 game for Tulsa, scoring 3 points. Apparently they recalled him on the heels of waiving Julius Hodge. Which begs the question, what in the hell happened to Julius Hodge? He was drafted 20th overall in 2005, and had bounced between Denver and the D League before being included in the Earl Boykins trade with Milwaukee. Guess he just never recovered from being shot. I imagine he'll catch back on in the D League somewhere. It's amazing to think Monta Ellis was drafted 20 spots after this dude.

(The Austin Toros and league best Colorado 14ers play later tonight, so once that's done, I'll get a writeup on it. Because you know you want one.)

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