Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daily D League Deliciousness: All Star Edition!

All Star rosters have been announced for the D League, and here you go:


C Jared Reiner- Sioux Falls
Reiner, who went to Iowa and was last in the NBA with Chicago, has 13.8 points and 8.6 rebounds a game this season.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Decent size, solid on the boards. I'd put him at 45%.

C Loren Woods- Austin
Woods, who has had some NBA experience with Minnesota, Miami, and Toronto, is averaging a double double this year for the resurgent Toros (who are 13-4 after starting out 0-12).
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Given his previous NBA experience and solid D League play, I'd go with 60%.

F Stephen Graham- Sioux Falls
Shooting 50.4% with 17.1 PPG
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Not a real standout, bit of an unknown perhaps 10%.

F Renaldo Major- Dakota
Fresno State grad earned a short callup with the Warriors a few weeks ago, largely because of his 18 PPG and 54.4 FG%.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Already has been.

G BJ Elder- Austin
Another big reason why the Toros have been playing so well. 9th in the league in scoring with 19 a game.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: He's not particularly quick, or a great shooter, but he's put up pretty solid numbers, and he had a nice game in college, so I'll go with 35%.

G/F Alan Anderson- Tulsa
Somehow an All Star despite only having 4 registered starts all year for an underwhelming 66ers team. Also, 16.7 PPG off the bench. Pretty good I suppose.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Not even a starter in the D League. 1%.

G/F James White- Austin
Former No 31 pick and Cincinnati Bearcat. 16.3 PPG. Has seen time this year with San Antonio.

F Pops Mensah Bonsu- Fort Worth
Owner of the best name in the All Star Game. Also of 15.2 PPG and 11.2 RPG. Also of 55.2 FG%. Pretty decent numbers. Owned, though, by the Mavericks.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Had a game with Dallas.

G Will Conroy- Tulsa
Recent Memphis callup. Impressive 15.8 PPG and 10.3 APG line on the year.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Pretty good. Being a recent Memphis callup and all.

G Clay Tucker- Arkansas
Unimpressive addition to the East lineup. Shooting just 39.8% on the season.


C Louis Amundson- Colorado
Just signed by Utah, Amundson has been one of the league's leading shot blockers this season on the league's best team.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: With Jazz? 50-50. Maybe.

C Elton Brown- Colorado
The second of 4 14ers on the West squad. 17.1 PPG and 9.3 RPG. One of the best players in the D League not to have been already called up.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Probably the most talented player left unplucked by the Association, so I'd go with 90%.

G Brian Chase- Los Angeles
15.5 points a game. 43.7% from three, and, most impressively, 93.8% from the charity stripe on the year.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Kind of your standard NBDL overachiever. Might get a shot if a team gets guard desperate, on a ten day kind of thing. 15%.

G Pooh Jeter- Colorado
14er number 3. Pooh's a favorite of mine, mostly because of his fantastic smile and I like the combination of Pooh Bear and Derek Jeter in his name. Shooting 48.2% on the year with 14.8 PPG.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Probably not great. Like Chase, he's your standard NBDL overachiever. 15% as well.

G Randy Livingston- Idaho
At the game largely because of his 9.4 assists per game. Only shooting 34.3%.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: He's been in the league before, but I highly doubt he'll get another chance, at least based on merits. A lot of teams out there like veteran certainty though, so I'll go with 30%.

F Kevinn Pinkney- Bakersfield
After Elton Brown, probably the second best player in the league yet to taste the NBA. Shooting 51.6% from the field for 18.3 a game.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: I said he's probably the second best player in the league yet to taste the NBA, but I wouldn't say he's the second most likely callup. He's kinda like a poor man's, taller, Matt Barnes, which is to say he's a fine NBDL player, but probably would be overmatched in the NBA. 40%.

C Peter John Ramos- Idaho
Former Washington second rounder has 13.5 points and 6.5 rebounds a game for the Stampede.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: He's 7-3, so on that alone I'll give him a 55% shot.

F Dijon Thompson- Albuequerque
With 19.2 points a game, the former UCLA star has been one of the D League's best scorers this season. He's also been an excellent rebounder, with 9 a game. He should see a second stint with the NBA at some point.

G Von Wafer- Colorado
The fourth and final 14er representative. Before you go and say that THIS is the best player yet to taste the NBA, keep in mind he has gotten into a game with the Lakers this season and he's currently relegated by them. 19.8 PPG, 50.0% from the field, 48.4% from three. Good shot at seeing more time with the Lakers if someone goes down with an injury.
CHANCE OF NBA CALLUP: Los Angeles Laker.

F Jawad Williams- Anaheim
Third impact forward behind Brown and Pinkney with a shot at seeing the NBA this year, with 19.1 PPG. Will have to improve his 43.7 FG% though.

As for me, I'd take the West all the way in this game. Thompson, Brown, and Wafer are probably the three best players in the game, and you could make an argument for Williams and Pinkey as well. The East, though, to their credit, have the size advantage in this one.

As for today's league action, I'll save you the specific write ups and merely point out that Austin topped Arkansas to improve to 13-4 in their last 17 since the 0-12 start, and that Gerry McNamara is really bad at shooting, going 3-13 coming off his 1-11 debacle last night in the Jam's losing effort against Albuequerque (93-87). (Why Did We Draft) Patrick O'Bryant was impressive though, going for 22 and 11. Idaho moved within a half game of Colorado in the West with their 91-84 win over Tulsa as All Star snub Denham Brown put up 28 and 9 in the losing effort. Finally, Dakota too moved within a half game of first (this time in the East) with their 105-96 win against Los Angeles. Quemont Greer led the Wizards with 26.

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