Sunday, October 29, 2006

I give up

I'm at a loss for words. The only possible thing I can say is that, very simply, if you outgain a team 360-98 and lose, God just does not want you to win.

It sucks because to everyone who doesn't actually pay attention to football (the vast majority of football fans, especially here in New England), it'll just look like the Steelers sucked. When in reality, in three of the five losses, the Steelers were the clearly the better team for 90% of the game but coughed it up in spectacular fashion each time. Not to make excuses, but the Steelers should in all fairness be at least 5-2 right now. Sour grapes, I suppose, but there's no denying it's excruciatingly frustrating.

I'm still holding onto the delusional glimmer of hope for a 13-game win streak. Wackier things have happened in football, and with the team's crop of talent, it wouldn't be that huge of a shock. It's going to be really hard, and it almost definitely won't happen, but with the Pirates being the Pirates, Spurs unable to finish to save their lives, the virtual end of a meaningful season for Pitt football, things are really glum in my world of sports. I've even got a bad feeling about Pitt basketball. I don't like that they're ranked #5 before the season even starts because I'm trapped into believing Pitt is just going to do the same thing every season for the rest of my life, which is hang around somewhere in the top 25, do well in the Big East tournament, and fail to make it beyond the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tourney.

I need something to be positive about, and since the Steelers are usually the least disappointing of all the teams I support, they're always the one I'm most likely to think optimistically about.

As a semi-relevant aside, I'm beginning to become a hockey fan. A friend of mine from Buffalo is a huge Sabres fan and he bought NHL Center Ice so he can watch all the games. Through watching games with him, I've started to understand/enjoy the sport much more, and I've been following the Penguins with much greater interest than usual. They're off to a pretty nice start, but even with them I can't help thinking as soon as I throw all of my weight behind them they're going to shit the bed.


Andy said...

Welcome to what I have lived with for 20 years. Have fun with it, cunt.

Dan said...

god has no saying on football games. your quarterback just sucks.

My Blog said...

Sour grapes, I suppose, but there's no denying it's excruciatingly frustrating.