Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Writing About The Warriors Is Hard

When everyone else is doing it.

With better information, access, and, well, talent.

So I merely offer my humble perspective as a long time, long suffering, not bandwagoning fan of these Warriors.

And, with that in mind, let me tell you, last night was...frustrating. The final minutes, the final score itself in fact, are pretty reflective of how I felt going into this series. For some reason, we just don't match up well enough. I feel like we won't be tough enough on the boards, or hot enough with the shooting, or feisty enough on defense. Not all of those at the same time, mind you. Just one at a time, enough so that we'll be stuck in a state of perpetual almost.

That's how I felt last night. Like we were in a perpetual state of almost, or, if you prefer, couldn't quite. We couldn't quite stop Carlos Boozer well enough. We couldn't quite hit enough of the big shots. We couldn't quite close the deal. We couldn't quite stop Deron Williams.

couldn't quite hit that last shot>

You get the picture.

Maybe I'll be happily surprised, but, I dunno, I feel like we used all our magic during the Mavs series and, now, here we are, left with those same old Warriors.

Perhaps, though, I'm just putting too much stock into what was a disappointing Game 1. Still, it feels like we let a good opportunity slip out of our hands. And if the recent exit of the Sharks from the NHL playoffs is any indication, when you don't take advantage of opportunities to do the unexpected (go up 3-0, in the Sharks case), it becomes harder to take advantages of the opportunities to do what you're supposed to.

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