Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ivan Basso, Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds, Ivan Basso.

Ivan Basso is apparently a Spanish cycling champ who, like seemingly every other freaking cyclist in the world, is sorting out his own PED issues.

And I just want to quote the first part of this here, straight, uninterrupted.

Giro d'Italia champion Ivan Basso denied doping but said Tuesday he "attempted" to do so, an admission that comes one day after he acknowledged his involvement in the Spanish drug scandal.

Basso said he made contact with a doctor at the center of the case, Eufemiano Fuentes, and gave him a blood sample with the intention of doping — but never actually did.

"I have admitted attempted doping only," Basso said at a news conference. "I've never taken any doping substance nor undergone any illegal blood transfusions."

How awesome is that. It's so much better than, "I didn't knowingly take steroids." It's profound genius in the field of artistic cheating. It's excuse making at its finest.

To be fair to Ivan, though, he did manage to do what no other prominent American busted roider has done so far, which is, you know, admit your mistake and apologize. Like rational people normally do.

"It was a moment of weakness on my part," Basso said. "I accept responsibility and I am ready to face my punishment."

See, now why can't Barry Bonds just say something like that? I guarantee if he had people wouldn't be all up in arms over his impending topple of the home run record. Hell, it worked for Jason Giambi and he didn't even really apologize. Just sorta, hinted, at an apology.

Asked why he had not confessed earlier, Basso responded: "Better late than never."

See, Barry. Better late than never. Go on. You too, Rafael Palmeiro. And, you know, all those other guys who have pretty much been convicted in the court of public opinion by hearsay. Just let all out.

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