Monday, May 28, 2007

A blog entry about how Baseball Tonight Sucks, because that is rarely covered in the blogosphere.

Memorial Day is traditionally known as the first checkpoint of the baseball season. Generally, it is a day to gather around the TV and debate the merits of these teams going forward. Well, unless you're Baseball Tonight, in which case you create some fucking retarded flag system to further schill for the Indy 500, which hasn't been relevant for at least 10 years.

Here is your Memorial Day story: The Yankees are dead according to every analyst on TV. Never mind that their third order winning percentage according to Baseball Prospectus is the second-best in the AL and the third-best in baseball. Never mind that Johnny Damon, Phillip Hughes, and every non-Andy Pettite pitcher has been injured so far this year. Never mind that half the lineup is off to a slow start. Never mind that it's easy to concoct a scenario which they win the Wild Card. Nope, they're dead.

Meanwhile, on said Baseball Tonight segment, Eduardo Perez gave the Twins a "Green Flag" (Brazil's?) because they were 11.5 out after two months last year, then went on a monster tear to take the division title away from Detroit.

Eduardo, this is silly. Three teams have come back from 10 game deficits since the Wild Card was "blessed" upon baseball. Those Twins, the 1995 Mariners, and the 2002 A's. By the logic you show here, I believe you think the Twins have a magic rock that keeps Tigers away.

Baseball Tonight is a show with only two types of predictions: the incredibly stupid and the incredibly easy. Steve Phillips thinks the Brewers might be in trouble because they have won 4 of their last 15. You sure about that, dude? Is the war in Iraq also going poorly Steve? I need your reassurance. John Kruk thinks the Red Sox may be headed to the playoffs? John, my computer table just broke into a hundred pieces, do you believe I have termites as well?

I know this would take away from Red Sox/Yankee Tonight, but maybe someone could create an argument about how the Braves can win the NL East? Will the Indians hold off the Tigers and Twins? Which team will take the burgeoning Padres/Diamondbacks/Dodgers race in the West?

No? Okay, cool. Well you kids let me know when you're relevant again. I'm gonna be getting my analysis from people who actually know how to analyze things till then. And you know, who talk about the rest of baseball.

PS: When you're done here check out my latest MetsGeek article


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