Thursday, April 12, 2007

You Suck, NHL

hella tight. too bad i couldn't watch them.

Last night the Sharks played what will likely have been one of the most exciting games of the season with their 5-4, double OT win over the Nashville Predators. I'm in Boston now, so, understandably, I don't really get to watch the Sharks. I'm fine with that, I've really only started to truly appreciate hockey being in New England, so I've grown more fond of the college game than I have the NHL. I'm not afraid to admit that if the Sharks weren't very good I'd hardly lose any sleep over it. What can I say, (professional) hockey isn't baseball or basketball, and the Sharks aren't the A's or the Warriors, nor will they ever be.

shitty network

But missing last night's game drew my ire for a particular reason.

Because, you know, it was a freaking playoff game. Dear NHL, if you ever want to expand your product and draw in fans, next time make sure that when the team playing in the fourth largest media market in the country is playing in a double overtime playoff game, you can at least give us a live look in, on Versus.

Hugs and Kisses,

shitty league

-Fuck you Scott Hartnell. Admittedly, I don't know all that much about the NHL, and I have no idea who you are, except as the prick who landed a knee to knee hit on Jonathan Cheechoo and probably wrecked him for the playoffs (which, of course, could very well wreck the Sharks' playoffs.) So fuck you very much.

-No. I will not say anything about the Golden State Warriors and their chase for the playoffs after 12 straight years missing them. If, IF, they're successful, then you can expect a big long sexxy post where I wax poetically on this long awaited accomplishment.

-ERA's of Oakland A's Starters:
Dan Haren- 0.69
Rich Harden- 1.38
Joe Blanton- 3.97
Joe Kennedy- 1.64 (Remember when it was like 21 in Spring Training? lol@springtraining)
Chad Gaudin- 2.53

Oakland A's Record: 4-6.

Dear Billy Beane,



-Lastly, the Northeastern baseball team has won 5 of their last 6 and are now 13-9 (8-6 CAA). I just like to update myself in this space on my school's athletic happenings from time to time.


Hooks Orpik said...

I would agree. ESPN may have treated the NHL like the proverbial red-headed stepchild, but hey, atleast it was still in the family.

Teddy said...

FWIW, the game was available on I watched the game, and I don't have Comcast, so it isn't exclusively a Comcast thing. Not a great picture, but better than nothing. However, Versus should do more "whip-around" coverage and less sticking with a 4-1 thrashing, like last night.

CraftyLefty said...

The NHL screwed over NY hockey fans- if the Isles, Rangers and Devils all go 7 games, they would play on the same day 5 times. Great thinking, NHL.

Anonymous said...

I guess you should move to Canada. Last night I was flipping between 3 games all aired live at the same time on cable. (And the other one was getting live look-ins, and being streamed live at

Anonymous said...

Re: I guess you should move to Canada.

Yeah, but then you have crappy health care and pretend money. I'd rather miss a playoff game or two. ;)

Lou P. said...

I live three hours south of Nashville and didn't have the game available on my cable system. I miss the days of most of the playoff games being available on ESPN/ESPN2/ABC.

LarryMickeyLives said...

Crappy health care in Canada -- as opposed to the United States? ... So tell us, Anonymous, who are you predicting to win the Stanley Cup? The Kansas City Scouts?

Michael Grant said...

Or - you could just be a Red Wings fan. Every Wings game is on national television. Even here in New York, where as a previous commenter mentioned, there are three local teams still playing, I can see 'em all.

(although lou p. is right - espn was still way better.)

Go Wings!

PJ Swenson said...

Jonathan Cheechoo is on the ice for Game 2, and so is Scott Hartnell.

Cheechoo's ice time will probably be limited, but just to see him on the ice in the next game is unbelievable. And to see Hartnell on the ice, minus any suspension, makes the league's new policy of taking hits to the head seriously a joke.

Can't help you with finding the game on television in Boston, but checkout, and, and you might be able to find it streamed online for free.

Twitch said...
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Twitch said...

The only thing the NHL is to blame for that is letting NBC dump most of the games on OLN/Versus after their "deal" was signed.

That said, as a Canuck, not only do I see all the hockey I could ever hope to, but I'm gettin' mighty tired of hearing how we need to appease the (so far non-existent) U.S. audience. The 87 potential viewers in Tuscaloosa is why I have to watch my Senators at 3:00pm tomorrow instead of at seven on HNIC where they belong.

Sorry...sorry. Bit of a rant there.

Twitch said...

Oooo... Second period in Nashville. Gettin' spicy in Tennessee... Nice.

Anyway, I'd also like to mention to our gracious hosts that I found my way here from This is the site with the power to shut down So, I'd suggest you polish up the shot glasses, get the salt and slice the lemons. Your traffic is about to go up. Mazeltov!

KMS2 said...

your sharks game wasn't on because Versus was showing Ottawa stomp all over the Penguins and then immediately showed all 7 periods of the Dallas v. Vancouver game. What's going to draw a bigger viewing audience: San Jose/Nashville or Dallas/Vancouver. While the difference may not be much, Versus needs all the viewers it can get.

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