Friday, April 13, 2007

I Lied, I'm Going To Talk About It

Oh lord it's so close I can taste it. I haven't gotten myself worked up yet because, well, they're the Warriors, and excitement at the end of an NBA season is so alien a feeling to me (NBA success? Warriors? What?) that I don't even think I could have identified it if I tried.

But here we are, with a legitimate chance at the playoffs. And I don't mean legitimate chance in the "Dear God it's been 12 years I have to convince myself there's a legitimate chance," kinda way, I mean legitimate chance in the "even Henry Abbott thinks we're a good team and have a shot" kinda way.

For a while I convinced myself I wouldn't be disappointed if we lost out on the 8th spot, but now I've done the 180, mainly because if we lose it, it'll be to the Lakers and Clippers. I hate both these teams, not just because of the whole NorCal-SoCal rivalry deal, but because, well, the Lakers are the Lakers, and the Clippers strike me as a team so very much like the Warriors, only one who got their taste last season. I want that taste. Warriors fans deserve that taste. The Clippers do not deserve to double dip here.

could it be, could it really, really be?

Have I reason for optimism? Sure, I think. Jason Richardson's gone back to being Jason Richardson finally, Baron Davis has only to stay healthy for four more games, Stephen Jackson hasn't seemingly had one of those "I'm gonna shoot 1 for 8" nights in a while, and the rest of the Andris Biedrins/Monta Ellis/Al Harrington/Matt Barnes rotation continues to be pretty productive. We've got Minnesota, Sacramento, and Portland in 3 of our 4 remaining games, so I don't feel unabashed in saying we very well should go at least 3-1. The other game is against Dallas, whose number we've inexplicably had as of late. 3-1 should be expected, 4-0 can be hoped for within reason.

I know, it's the 8th seed. We'll probably get trounced by the Mavs (though it's amusing to see everyone write about how we'd give them a series. Something tells me it wouldn't quite work that way. We're still the Warriors. They're still the Mavericks. You can't stress that enough, I think.)


The playoffs, yes, the playoffs, fellow Warriors fans, are in sight. There may very well be a light at the end of the tunnel. And if they don't make it, my how entertaining a post I will give you.

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