Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm Gonna Liveblog The CAA Championship Game Because My School Is In The CAA

-I'm a little late on this. There's 7:38 left in the first half and George Mason is trailing Virginia Commonwealth by 1, 14-13. The announcers are making way too big a deal that this game is in Richmond. "THEY'VE GOT THE HOMETOWN CROWD OMG"

-6:15 George Mason has pretty yellow uniforms. Monroe "cleans up underneath." Mason by two, 18-16.

-5:40 Hahaha, Jimmy Dykes just called a shot a "month of march" shot. "THAT'S A MONTH OF MARCH SHOT." 3 point play is successful. 19-18 VCU.

-5:23 The home court advantage is such that I just heard a prevalent "Let's Go Mason" chant. HOMETOWN CROWD OMG.

-4:57 Is George Mason really one win from being in the NCAA tourney? They suck. We beat them by 23 in February. We went 13-19 on the season. If there's no reason for Northeastern to be in the tourney, which lord knows there isn't, there's no reason for Mason to be in either.

shouldn't be in the ncaa tourney. kinda like george mason.

-3:48 As I typed that Mason hit a three. 21-21. They've really got a shot in this game, and I thought VCU was a pretty solid squad.

- Even in the CAA championship game I can't get away from Tyler Hansbrough and his stupid nose. Look, dude got jacked up. Gerald Henderson is a prick. Happens all the time in sports. Quit squirting yourself all over Duke and UNC, ESPN.

in espn's defense, this is fun to look at

-2:45 Nice block. Doesn't matter though, Mason hits another three. 24-23.

-0:45 Mason up by four after Will Thomas completes a three point play.

-0:30 Steal and a fast break. Mason up six now. This dude is really into the fact that coach Jim Larranaga told his players to "DANCE IN THE LOCKER ROOM. DANCE IN THE HOTEL ROOM. I WANT YOU DANCING." Guy takes his metaphors seriously.

george mason wants to dance

-0:28 Jai Lewis and Chris Widger are apparently "famous grads" of George Mason.

-Half 31-27 Mason. VCU guard Will Fameni averages 9 points a game. He has 11. Go you.

-Doug Gottlieb thinks Drexel could be this year's George Mason. Nevermind the fact that George Mason was a ridiculous freak occurrence not likely to be seen again for quite some time, now every year we're gonna have to hear some idiot college basketball analyst spout off about who is "this year's George Mason." Here, I'll save you all time for the next 10-15 years. Nobody. Nobody is this year's George Mason. Certainly not Drexel.

-The Warriors are also on TV right now. I think they'd have a shot in the Colonial League. They'd be a stretch in the ACC or Big 10 or something but they could do things in the CAA.

-Hey did you guys know that George Mason went to the Final Four last year. And that it was shocking? And that they could go to the tourney again this year, despite being sorta mediocre? And that that would be shocking? Good. Great. Making sure.

-Jimmy Dykes and Brad Nessler: Less is more, especially with your use of the word "cinderella." We get it, we really do. Start of the second half.

-18:24 This is a really sloppy game. Just felt like pointing that out.

-17:20 I like that Monroe is left open on just about every pass. Steal Dre Smith, takes it the length of the court, Mason 35-30.

-16:40 Dykes with the great insight, gleaned from watching the GM shootaround. "George Mason looked like they expected to win tonight, VCU just looked like they hoped to win." Yeah, that's why George Mason's winning. I really hope VCU wins.

-16:00 Would you shut up about cinderella, Jimmy Dykes. Please.

jimmy dykes' childhood dream girl

-George Mason student manager Thuc Phan is getting discussed on ESPN. Apparently he creates enthusiasm for George Mason. Lucky dude.

-Yikes. VCU is 1-10 from three tonight.

-Haha, Will Thomas just committed the most awesome goaltending ever. He practically jumped and stuck his hand right in front of the rim before swatting it as it dropped.

-Wow. Calvin Roland used to live in the locker room at the junior college he went to, because he apparently couldn't afford housing. Impressive.

-11:25 Pellot-Rosa follows up his missed three with a layup to tie it. 37 all. Mason looks tired.

-Words can't describe the unholiness of the ESPN-NASCAR merger.

-Pellot-Rosa was apparently recruited by Michigan State for football. Talented guy.

-11:00 Dre Smith knocks down a 3. Mason 40-37.

-Fun with moments that don't count: Pellot-Rosa hits a half courter after player is stopped for a foul. Like I said, talented guy.

can hit half court shots

-Jimmy Dykes bleeds metaphors Part III: Apparently George Mason preferred a "slow trot." The game is now at a "slow gallop." That's bad for George Mason's "horse."

-9:36 Mason three. 43-41.

-Commercial. Warriors down 7 to Detroit. Stephen Jackson is 1-7 from the field. He sucks. At least he's not Mike Dunleavy though.

-VCU has an interesting little chant there. They do the "hey" song, but instead of "hey" they say "V.....C....U....Let's Go..VCU" I like it. I also just saw a guy in a banana costume. You crazy VCU students.


-6:12 Fameni scores for the first time this half. VCU down two, 47-45.

-5:20 VCU takes the lead on a Pellot-Rosa tip, 49-47. Guess they're hoping harder now, Jimmy Dykes.

-Dykes now just compared VCU to Florida.


-4:34 Mason three. 50-49. This one's gonna come down to the last second it looks like.

-Commercial. Warriors up 6 at the half. What the hell happened?

-3:19 Roland hits the shot and is fouled. Misses the free throw. All tied up at 52.

-2:57 Will Thomas gets blocked/fouled on his way to a dunk, ball goes in anyway. Somehow. Completes the three point play. 55-52.

-Jimmy Dykes: "George Mason can see the glass slippers in sight. They're trying to slip their feet in one more time." I hate you, Jimmy Dykes.

-1:55 Maynor has an and 1 opportunity. Still down three. VCU IS SIMPLY NOT EXPECTING TO WIN. LESS HOPE. MORE EXPECT. Hits it. VCU pulls within two, Maynor steals it right back, and puts it in. All tied. I SUPPOSE THEY ARE HOPING HARD ENOUGH NOW. 1:34 left.

-Minute left.

-Eric Maynor with an amazing shot. 59-57 VCU. Wow, this guy looks great. He's taking the game over.

kid can play

-Brad Nessler muses that a win for VCU in the capitol city of Richmond would be a "capitol win." Jimmy Dykes points out that "George Mason wants to slip into this glass slippers one more time." Great, great broadcast tandem.

-0:19, Mason misses a long three. Maynor gets the rebound, gets intentionally fouled. He'll be shooting. HEY, IT LOOKS LIKE HOW VCU LOOKED IN THEIR SHOOTAROUND DIDN'T MATTER AT ALL. GO FIGURE. Maynor knocks down the free throws. 20 points for the guard.

-Some dude on the VCU bench is wearing a chain around his neck. Walker hits both free throws. 63-57. Sorry George Mason, perhaps you should've hoped to win instead of expected to win during your shootaround.

-VCU wins. Champions of the Colonial Athletic Association. I think they could do damage in the tourney.

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