Friday, March 09, 2007

Awww Yeahhh Take That UCLA

In the upset of the day, in my opinion (which is just that, an opinion. You could say NC State over Duke I guess, but Duke sucks. UCLA is actually good) Cal took a huge halftime lead, then blew it embarrassingly, and then somehow miraculously took the game to overtime as the immensely talented but perpetually disappointing Ayinde Ubaka took the game, and Cal's season, into his own hands.

hella tight.

This was a real exciting game for me. I watched the whole of it and, of course, was real excited at half time, but had that hesitant "well, this can't last" mindset I take into every potential upset. And I was, of course, correct with that mindset, as so often is the case. But something funny happened, and Cal, in blowing their lead, managed to not shit the bed and let UCLA trump them by 15 or so. They stayed in there, they never fell far behind, and, when on the brink of elimination, they stepped up and took it to overtime where they really turned it on to earn the win. Kudos, especially, to Ubaka, who put on a marvelous display. In the same sense that Ryan Anderson single handedly won yesterday's game against Oregon State, today Ayinde Ubaka single handedly beat UCLA. His 29 points were supplemented by 18 from Anderson and a whole lot of nothing else. I hope there were NBA scouts watching you, Ayinde, cos if they were you just may have a shot at being taken in the second round now.

It'd be cliche to say I think Cal can actually go the distance and win the Pac 10 tourney, earning an (undeserving) bid into the NCAA's, but, hell, I do. They've always been a talented squad. Ryan Anderson is the best freshman in the Pac 10 (Spencer Hawes and Chase Budinger be damned), and one of the best in the entire country. Ayinde Ubaka, as I said, is an immensely talented point guard. Theo Robertson is a solid big man. Taylor Harrison is a scrapper. Omar Wilkes is explosive at times. If this team still had DeVon Hardin, I could argue they'd be a dangerous, dangerous team in the NCAA tourney. That said, they're still probably going to lose to the Oregon Ducks tomorrow, and the dream will probably die, but I think they'll at least give them a run for their money. They've got the talent at least.

-Is it wrong that I look at this story, and go, "Oh, of course." That sounds a bit blowharded, and perhaps it is, but It's just not all that surprising to me. I dunno. I irrationally assume like 90% of women's basketball coaches must be lesbians, so it's just not particularly shocking. What're you gonna tell me next, that college professors engage in relationships with their students? Never. Never.

-That Chris Simon hit is ridiculous. I wish it were up on Youtube, I'm sure it will be in the coming days. But I must direct you to where you can watch it, because it's just absurd. If you can, picture the guy literally taking his stick and swinging it at another dude's face as he harmlessly skates back to the bench. It's hard to fathom, even after watching it. I'm pretty sure if I went outside and did that to a random bystander I'd go to jail. For a long time. I just mean, wow.

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