Friday, March 02, 2007

All you need to know about the Texans

They're interested in Jeff Garcia.

Also in the article:
The Texans are also interested in receiver Ashley Lelie, who was a No. 1 draft choice in Denver and was later traded to Atlanta.

While I could easily destroy both these ideas at once, I'll just let Football Outsiders do the talking for me:

Top 5 free agents to avoid


Jeff Garcia, quarterback, Eagles
Yes, Garcia had a good half-season in Philadelphia. That was preceded by bad seasons in San Francisco, Cleveland and Detroit. The 37-year-old Garcia can be an effective backup in a pinch, but signing him for starting-quarterback money would be foolish.


Ashley Lelie, receiver, Falcons
Lelie's speed makes him attractive to teams that like to throw the deep ball, but he doesn't have good hands, doesn't run good routes, and doesn't pick up tough yardage over the middle. Expecting Lelie to be anything more than an extra receiver to come in on third-and-long is expecting too much.

It's gonna be a long decade.

(Also, I know it's passe at this point to post pictures of hot girls in sports blogs, but I don't want to have to look at any pictures of Jeff Garcia.)

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