Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Northeastern Basketball, because I've got nothing else.

Well, that's just a poor outing now isn't it. A loss to Georgia State. To quote the Husky Athletics website, "The men's basketball team fell, 71-65, to Georgia State at the GSU Sports Arena Wednesday in Atlanta, GA. The Huskies trailed, 67-57, with 24 seconds remaining and scored eight unanswered points in 12 seconds to come within two points before GSU hit a pair of free throws with seven seconds on the clock to end the Husky comeback." We fell to 7-9 in Colonial Athletic Association play, and we were tied for sixth at 7-8 going into this game with like 3 other teams, so I'm pretty sure we're in danger of missing the conference tourney now. Just think, Dallas Maverick Jose Juan Barea and Shawn James had us thinking wistfully of, maybe, just maybe, the NCAA tourney this time last year. Eugene Spates led us with 16 points, and That Dude I Met At Orientation Matt Janning had 10 on the night as well. Guard Leonard Mendez for the Panthers did the most damage, scoring 21. It's been a bad year for Husky basketball, to say the least.

pictures are aesthetically pleasing.

-The Warriors play the Knicks tonight, and if they lose, you can rest assured that I'll bitch about it. Let's hope it doesn't have to come to that, though.

-The Sharks are losing 2-0 in the 2nd period right now, though I'm not particularly likely to make any extended post on them for the time being, as I'm not really a hardcore hockey fan of any sort, and the Sharks are cruising towards the playoffs, making them sorta boring until playoff time does in fact hit.

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