Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Live Blogging the Celtics Trying Not To Lose

I can't really watch the Warriors much now that I'm here in Boston, but.....I do get to watch the Boston Celtics! (Seriously, how on earth do you downgrade from the Golden State Warriors in terms of basketball viewability? Only me, only me.)

-They're at home against the Bucks, and it's 95-80 Celtics. Things are looking pretty good for this losing streak to end. Still, I'm hoping they'll find a way. They always seem to. 8:30 left.

-Paul Pierce is having a good game.'s live update thing is a little slow, but it says he has 29 points so far.

the very expression i myself would wear were i on the celtics

-7:30 left, Bucks down 14, 3 total points have been scored in the last minute. Both these teams will have a great time at the draft lottery. Also Milwaukee just drew a charge, which Tommy Heinsohn called, "Terrible." Heinsohn thinks a call against Boston is terrible? Go figure.

-6:31. Ilyasova going for the three point play. It's good. Bucks within 11.

-I'm really not a fan of this new commercial with all the NBA stars playing the pickup game while they walk along a tarmat with white jumpsuits on. Couldn't tell you why, though. 5:50 left and Pierce is going to the line with a 13 point Celtic lead.

-The Celtic dancers are very, very, very good looking.

-"The fans who came here tonight have been treated to a really good basketball game by the Celtics." Or a very bad game by the Bucks, which, given how awful they are when they're playing "well," is very very bad.

-4:13 left, Celts up 17. Hit the showers, Milwaukee.

-3:24, streak is mentioned. Please please please blow this Celtics.

-Coming to a draft lottery near you.

-2:20, 21 point Celtic lead. I'm just waiting for this game to be over so I can find a smarmy way to say, "Streak is over." I gotta be clever with this one.

-Celtics win. I decided to skip the smarmity and merely point out that in winning, the Celtics ended an 18 game winning streak.

Hahahahaha 18 games.

That's only slightly more games than years the Warriors have gone without seeing the playoffs. :(

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