Friday, February 02, 2007

Here and there and everywhere except nowhere


Anyway, for lack of anything, yknow, interesting, here's some stuff that strikes me on this day:

-A's sign Ricky Ledee to minor league contract: Finally. You have no idea how long I've waited to see Ricky Ledee grace the hallowed green and gold. As one commenter poignantly put it on AthleticsNation, "Ledee was my #1 off season target. I love what he did with the Mets last year." Amen, brother. In Ledee's defense though, he did have a nifty season in 2005 (in Dodger Stadium no less) and probably can't be worse than Ryan Goleski or Hiram Bocachica. Though on the other hand simply having a Bocachica on the bench at all times probably has to count for something.

yes, yes. ricky ledee is a superstar

-UCLA 69, Oregon 57. I'm kind of a Pac 10 basketball fan in general, especially when the Bears suck, as they more or less do now, so this matchup in particular excited me. It sorta dissapointed, as UCLA took a lead early and kept it throughout the game. Aaron Brooks, who I've been really impressed with so far this season, shot just 5-13. Aaron Afflalo had 17 points, and despite still being considered a fringe 1st round draft prospect, is a guy who continues to strike me as someone who will have a solid NBA game. Strong defender, able scorer, lengthy, quick. He's not gonna light the league on fire or anything, but he could make a very good sixth man. The Pac 10 could make some noise in the NCAA tourney this year, too. The top 8 are all above .500 at the moment, and you could argue that if the season ended today, at least five (UCLA, Oregon, Washington State, Arizona, USC) should be in the tournament. Kudos, Pac 10.

-Northeastern plays Merrimack tonight in hockey as we play our last game before facing off against (Sucks To) BU in the Beanpot opener Monday night. We've been playing fantastic hockey as of late, the last three weekends producing a win against BC, a tie against BU, a weekend sweep of UMass Lowell, and finishing with a weekend split against UMaine last week, so Merrimack shouldn't prove too troublesome. We haven't won a Beanpot since 1988, so it'd be nice if a team that has looked pretty solid this year could do some damage.

D League Deliciousness Returns (I promise)-

-Joe Wolf of Colorado and Sidney Moncrief of Forth Worth have been selected to be the coaches in the D League All Star Game. I'm pleased that Sidney Moncrief is still relavent. You go, Sid.

-As the All Star Break approaches, Fort Worth and Dakota battle for first in the East as they are separated by a half game, and you find the same in the West with Colorado and Idaho.

-Northeastern (whoop whoop) grad and appropriated Dallas Maverick Jose Juan Barea has lit the D League on fire in his first 8 games. 27.3 PPG and 7.8 APG while shooting 53.2% from the field and 43.8% from three. THASS, M'BOY.

this picture is less about jose juan barea and more about the expressions on the faces of the guys he's jumping past for a layup.

-Two more GATORADE CALLUPS since I last posted about the D League, as Fort Worth's Jeremy Richardson has joined the Hawks and Tulsa's Will Conroy has joined the Grizzlies.

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