Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Golden State Warriors Will Never Make The Playoffs

I'm hard pressed finding a place to begin. How can a team this talented be this awful? They're literally the worst road team in the entire NBA. We just finished getting trounced by, of all teams, the Atlanta Hawks. Trounced by 20. By the Hawks. Even though I liked the Indy trade (still do) it's apparently not enough, even with Al Harrington's nifty little 22.24 PER as a Warrior. These Warriors may prove to be the ultimate damning of Nellieball. They've got all sorts of offensive firepower but cannot, for the life of them, play a lick of defense. Maybe Nellieball only works with a Dirk Nowitzki to work around with. Probably helps. Either way Joe Johnson dropped 33 tonight. Josh Childress, 23. The Hawks shot 48.2% as a team. The Warriors also shot 6.7% from three point land, shooting 1-15. Shooting 70.7% from the charity stripe didn't help matters either. They lost by nearly 30 last night to the LeBron-less Cavaliers as well. That game featured the Warriors shooting 2-20 from three, good for 10%. Baron Davis alone went 1-7. Meanwhile the Cavs shot 49.4% from the field while freaking Sasha Pavlovic scored 24 points.

Given all this, I have but one plea of the Golden State Warriors.....


Seriously, playoffs? You kidding me?

Jim Mora, suffice it to say, would be proud.

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Anonymous said...

nice prediction man. i dont think you could have been anymore wrong.