Sunday, December 24, 2006

Oh my.

Jeff Suppan, Proven Playoff Performer, World Series Hero, Veteran Presence, you are 42 million dollars richer. I always had a lot of confidence in Doug Melvin as a GM. Made a lot of nice lateral moves, abstained for the most part from stupid high priced stuff. Recognized Carlos Lee as overrated after getting him for Scott Podsednik in the first place. But dude, Jeff Suppan? You had Doug Davis and Dana Eveland, and they were both just as good. Hell, you still have 5 or 6 guys just as good. Shame on you, Doug Melvin. Shame on you. Anyway, hurray for the crazy baseball offseason, and thank God Billy Beane hasn't really gotten involved in it yet.

Also of more importance:

National Hero and 49er pro bowler Frank Gore scored a touchdown a couple minutes ago, bringin the Niners back into this game 20-13. The Cardinals are driving, but San Diego's handling Seahwaks, and so the playoff hopes are, for the moment, still alive. This defense could use a stand, though.

Half Live Blogging the 49er Playoff Hopes:
Neil Rackers missed a kick and so the Cardinals extended the lead to 23-13. Oh wait that doesn't make any sense. Thanks refs! Mo Hicks had a sexy return after that but National Hero Frank Gore made a slight gaffe and tapped a slightly too high Alex Smith pass into the arms of Antrel Rolle. The Niners just made a defensive stand and got the ball back, but Arnaz Battle has, as I typed this, fumbled away to the Cardinals. The Seahawks are still losing 13-7, but things aren't looking good on the 49er part.

4th and 6 inside the 20. It more or less all comes down to this. With suspension building, tension at an unbelievable high........timeout. Cut to commercial. Awesome. And no NFL, I don't want to help you decide your best Super Bowl Commercial ever.

Okay so here we go. Dilfer and SexyCoach Mike Nolan are talking. The snap. ALEX SMITH TO ARNAZ BATTLE TO THE ONE. FIRST DOWN, 49ERS. That was exhilarating.

1 yard run from NATIONAL HERO FRANK GORE. Touchdown 49ers. 26-20. This is still a game, folks. Seattle, however, is threatening to score from the 10.

Seattle touchdown. 14-13 Seahwaks over Chargers right now. Cmon you turd LT. Also, 49er defense: it's your time to shine. Stop these runs.

Too many first downs. Barring something out of this world, the Cards have it wrapped up. Good season, though, 49ers. Lotsa growth. Lotsa lotsa growth.

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