Monday, October 02, 2006

NFL Recap

Buffalo 17, Minnesota 12 - I never really bought into this resurgance of Brad Johnson, and it looks like he's finally fizzling. A late touchdown wasn't enough to catch Buffalo.

Dallas 45, Tennessee 14 - Tennessee's offense very closely resembled a Pop Warner team. Any time Young was in the shotgun, he threw, and any time he took a standard snap, he handed the ball off. At least he utilized his main weapons well - David Givens (1 reception, 3 yards), and his mobility (5 rushes, 3 yards). Oh yeah, and Dallas lit them up in every facet of the game.

Kansas City 41, San Francisco 0 - A dominating performance by BROCK HUARD?! Yikes.

Indianapolis 31, New York Jets 28 - The Jets are probably the best 2-2 team in the NFL, but that's not gonna get you much. The Jets are fairing pretty well, considering the doubts about their QBs in the pre-season. Interesting to note that Peyton Manning is 2-0 at Giants Stadium, and Eli is 0-1.

Carolina 21, New Orleans 18 - Steve Smith's pretty fucking good. 87 of Jake Delhomme's 169 yards were to Smith, as was one of his two touchdown passes. A late touchdown pass to Marques Colston brought the Saints back into the game, but it was just too little too late, as Carolina recovered the onside kick.

Baltimore 16, San Diego 13 - The Chargers blew this one. A late safety followed by a 60-yard drive led by Steve McNair turned a six-point deficit into a three-point lead. Phillip Rivers was sacked for the first time this year on the final play, and Future Considerations blogger Bryan Fischbein wept silently.

Houston 17, Miami 15 - On paper, the Dolphins should've won this one. It was pretty even with Houston in terms of yards, and they forced two turnovers to Houston's none. But leave it to Daunte Culpepper to be able to lose when having his best performance of the season.

St. Louis 41, Detroit 34. - Someone beat Detroit. Who gives a shit?

New England 38, Cincinnati 13 - Probably the most surprising result on Sunday. The Bengals' offense was not totally shut down by the New England defense, but New England's offense was pretty damn good. Teams generally don't beat you if you run for over 200.

Cleveland 24, Oakland 21 - A step in the right direction for the Raiders. Number one, baby!

Washington 36, Jacksonville 30 - Mark Brunell says, "Fuck you, Byron!" 18 completions led to 329 yards and 3 touchdowns. Clinton Portis did pretty well for himself too, as he rushed for 112 and a touchdown.

Atlanta 32, Arizona 10 - A rape on all fronts. Arizona didn't have an offensive touchdown, and Kurt Warner lost his starting job. Even Edgerrin James can't get it going - 20 carries for 41 yards on Sunday. His YPC on the year is an abysmal 3.1. This is one of the more disappointing teams thus far in the NFL.

Chicago 37, Seattle 6 - Think Shaun Alexander wasn't the MVP? The Bears have allowed one touchdown in four weeks, and Rex Grossman's doing pretty well himself. Booze your heart out, Kyle Orton!

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