Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cut Down Day

To the bloggers who have been cut from the roster:

Do not take it personally. I felt like having a group of posters so large was not in the best interest of the blog, and I removed those posters who did not post or whose posts did not necessarily fit the mission statement. There will be many future opportunities for you to contribute if you so desire- there are some elaborate plans for the World Series.


1 comment:

Shane said...

wiat what

comparing albert haynesworth to a movie character and an homage to mr. pat neshek don't fit the mission statement, but jr doing a horrific "impression" of drew henson does? are you sure about that?

or am i filed under posters who did not post even though i put up three things in between your last post and your most recent?

sorry my posts didn't have enough european content, i guess.