Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The 1998 Cubs demand some respect

On behalf of the great ones like Micky Morandini, Glenallen Hill, Terry Mulholland, Mark Clark and the like, I'm demanding a correction from The Dugout.

Their October 2 edition is a rundown of the Time Persons of the Year each declaring that the Braves will lose the division. Of course, they never do because none of the People of the Year are bigger douchebags than Ted Turner.

However what started as a funny exchange in the 1998 Chatroom turned into a gross error on the part of Jon, who does write the best Dugouts, but this time happened to overlook something:

GiantWasteOfTime: We, BILL CLINTON and KENNETH STARR, Men of the Year, hereby declare that the Braves will lose the division.

IJavyDream: oh man i bet you guys know all the lewinsky jokes. here's one for you

IJavyDream: Q: what does monica lewinsky and a sausage have in common

A: they both like to suck penis or wait, one likes to suck penis and one is a

IJavyDream: nevermind fuck it anyway we're going to win 106 games and blow it in the first round of the playoffs blah blah blah

The problem here is that the Braves did not lose in the first round!

Sure, it's easy to overlook the wild card team that won 89 regular season games and only got to the playoffs because of a combination of tiebreaking 163rd game, Neifi Perez going apeshit for the Rockies on the last day of the season and what was probably a steroid enhanced season from our rightfielder leading to him surpassing the Roger Maris home run record.

There was a lot to love about the 1998 Cubs. Rod Beck helped us forget Mel Rojas when he came from San Francisco with his swaying arm, sizeable contract, incredible hair and 51 saves. The phenom Kerry Wood came up and wasted no time kicking ass as he struck out 20 Astros, who went on to win the division by quite a healthy margin. Sandy Martinez will always be remembered by Cubs fans as the guy who was our third catcher all season but caught all of Kerry Wood's 20 strikeouts. Sammy Sosa went nuts and won MVP. Gary Gaetti was a late season waiver claim and hit .320/.397/.594 down the stretch, and even came back in 1999 to throw an inning of relief and yield the first two runs of his career (Career pitching for Gary Gaetti: 2 1/3 innings, 7.71 ERA).

Sure, there were things to forget. Rod Beck started sucking in 1999 and we had to move his massive contract for, amongst other things, Manny Alexander. Overworking Kerry Wood may well have led to him missing the stretch run of 1998 [though he came back for one playoff start, WHICH ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN, JON], as well as the entire 1999 season and the beginning of the 2000 season, and may have been a precursor for his injuries since then. Gary Gaetti serving all competition down the stretch in 1998 led to him getting brought back for 1999 and subsequently sucking. We made it to the playoffs with no starting pitching other than Kerry Wood, something that Ed Lynch didn't happen to notice going into 1999; he made one trade in the offseason that brought Jon Leiber to the team for Brant Brown, but that was not able to offset the general decline of the rotation nor the loss of Kerry Wood. Speaking of Brant Brown, he dropped the ball. Ed Lynch also showed more of his general managing mastery by acquiring Matt Karchner at the trading deadline from the White Sox for some minor leaguer who goes by the name Jon Garland.

...and all of these bad things can be said without even mentioning our getting swept out of the playoffs by...



...the Atlanta Braves.

No, Jon, we weren't a very good team. But we still made it [with some help]...and all we want is for our existence to be acknowledged! We just want some respek!

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