Thursday, September 28, 2006

TO, you did it all wrong...

Now, Mr. Owens, if I may call you that, I have some words of advice about how to cope with your depression. Trust me, I know... I was in NFL Europe for god sakes... and now I'm the backup to the backup or Tarvarius Jackson.
Often, late at night, I have sit on my bed... lonely and naked with my tattered Yankees jersey lying in the floor... with a gun in my mouth, but just as it was getting too tough to handle, I remembered I was a Michigan Wolverine... and you were a... well... some badass school, I'm sure... well maybe not, but deal with it, K?
BUT it's not worth it TO... look how much people look up to me... I'm Drew MOTHERFUCKING Henson... the Cowboys gave a 3rd round pick for me, THA'S QUALITY. So next time TO, remember that someone is there for you, someone cares... that someone is not me... unless you wanna come catch some passes for me... I'm good, I swear... just ask Bill Parcells... err... maybe not.
So, basically TO, what I'm saying is man-up and tell everyone those were sugar pills and you're just trying to steal the spotlight FROM ME... 'cause, let's face it, if you don't pull this fucking shitty ass stunt, guess who gets all the NFL pub today? ME, CAUSE I'M BACK BITCHES...

Yours in God,
Drew Henson

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Dr. Health said...

So next time TO, remember that someone is there for you, someone cares.