Sunday, May 20, 2007


Remember when the NBA was supposed to have made that shift to favor high-scoring teams that are fun to watch? Remember when the Golden State Warriors proved you can win with smallball? Remember when Jon Raymond still wrote about things like that here?

You couldn't have given a blander, less exciting final four for me. The Jazz are probably the most exciting team left, and it would be funny if the Rockets took the eventual NBA champions to a Game 7, but I can't in good conscious root for any team that harbors Mehmet Okur. While you were reading that sentence, he just got called for a foul and cried about it.

Already crying about not getting the call in mid-shot.

On the other hand, the Spurs have always been one of the dominant teams I've never really had a problem with, except for Manu Ginobli, who takes after Okur in flopping/crying prowess. But the Spurs already have three Duncan-era titles, and another one validates the defense-first philosophy that so bores NBA viewers.

Their likely opponent in the finals, the Detroit Pistons, also exemplify this. We've already seen this series before. It wasn't particularly exciting. The Pistons had the slowest pace in the NBA, while the Spurs had the fourth-slowest. The Jazz are the highest of the remaining teams, right in the middle of the pack in pace. Does this mean I'm rooting for Utah? Would I root for Utah? Can the league survive Carlos Boozer as NBA Finals MVP? Ye Gods, what a nightmare scenario.

Oh, and the Cavaliers are still technically alive too. Don't say that too loudly though, you'll wake them up from their season-long nap. They might have had the easiest path to the conference finals in NBA history, beating up on a Arenas-less Wizards team and the worst Nets team in recent memory. I expect the somewhat less mediocre Pistons to trounce them in 5-6 games. I like the Spurs to take the Jazz in 6-7.

I'll be watching something else at that point though. I've seen watched high-- heard about NASCAR races that were less predictable and monotonous than the result of another Pistons/Spurs NBA Finals.

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