Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jazz Fans,

This linked on Deadspin piece gave me the giggles. Not just this piece, but the blog in general.

There is no way that Houston is a better team than the Jazz.

Um, you do realize that if Carlos Boozer didn't play like Kobe last night, you'd have been blown off the floor by a team that shot 36% from the field, right? Maybe in the regular season, you'd have an argument. Right now though, the only Jazz players who are playing well are Boozer, Harpring, and Williams.

3) Let the broken record play on — Derek Fisher can’t guard Tracy McGrady. Giricek does a far better job defensively, and has a decent offensive repertoire as well.

News Flash: Nobody can guard Tracy McGrady when he drives to the paint. He is very talented, but more importantly, he is a "superstar". As such, he is entitled by dumb NBA refs to get a plurality of foul calls against people like Gordan Giricek. You aren't going to hold McGrady down one-on-one and you aren't going to hold Yao down one-on-one either. Now, if you want to shift the series, heres what you do: Let Rafer Alston shoot uncontested threes. It will work.

4) Memo needs to shoot more, especially at home. I don’t care if he’s had a horrible first two games. He WILL start making those shots.

Honestly, I don't believe this. I think the Jazz are having him play such rough defense on Yao that it's sapping all his energy. He's looked tired. Not saying it can't happen. Just, you know, doesn't seem so likely to me.

I'm also a bit confused by the anger they have over Sloan, yet they still want him to win coach of the year? I wouldn't play Kirilenko the way he's been playing him, and I wouldn't bench Ronnie Brewer either, but NBA Coaches make lots of dumb moves in my opinion. Take for instance, starting Rafer Alston even though he's a complete liability on offense.

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