Monday, March 12, 2007

The Future Considerations Official Dice Bracket

How it's done: Go to the Pomeroy Ratings, take the differential in his Pyth% between each team, add 50% to it, then roll a 100 sided dice. If it's below the number, the "favorite" wins, and if it's above the number, the underdog wins.

Why it's done: Come on, you all know there won't be three #1 seeds and a #2 seed in the Final Four. George Mason made it last year along with 3 other non-#1/2 seeds. While this bracket is a little upset heavy, I think it's a lot more fun to root for. Obviously I'll be giving a REAL analysis before the tourney too, but this is my shits and giggles bracket that I love.

For the record, Texas A&M CC rolled 100 in both of their first two rounds. Truly a team of destiny.

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