Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cubs vs. White Sox spring training recap, in bullet point format

- Alfonso Soriano looked good today. 3-3, 2 doubles. I was impressed as I could have been for a Spring Training game.

- David Aardsma and Andy Sisco both threw innings today, and just knowing how we lost the two of them made me want to throw up. They should both still be Cubs, even if they don't pan out.

- Rich Hill looked alright. That homer was worrysome, but he gave it up to Paul Konerko and he also had three strikeouts in two innings, so I'm not too worried. I'm optimistic for his season.

- What's up with those little stripes on the White Sox's hats right above the ears? One of the Cubs batboys had those on his cap which was under a helmet, but I didn't notice any of the others. I, for one, thought those stripes were kind of annoying.

- If Ryan Theriot doesn't make the team, I'll be pissed.

- The game as a whole, though, was ugly. Whenever the final score is 13-2 and you've lost, it's ugly.

Anyway, opening day's less than a month away. Expect a barrage of Cubs posts between now and then. A BARRAGE.

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