Thursday, December 28, 2006

You weren't paying attention, but

Northeastern University, the current school of both myself and Will, lost to Louisville 61-41 yesterday. We are now 3-8, and boast lopsided losses to Syracuse, Pitt, UConn, and Louisville. Because we actually won a Colonial League game against UNC Wilmington, we manage to be first place in something (with like six other teams, but shhh.)Guard Matt Janning managed zero points in 35 minutes for the Huskies, which I only mention because I met him at orientation and he seemed like a nice enough guy, nice enough to deserve at least a few points for his efforts. We play Boston College next, but I probably won't blog about that one because there are only so many times one can read about a Northeastern University basketball loss, which are, unfortunately, aplenty.

Eugene Spates had 13 points, but that's not really relevant. I just wanted to add a picture to fix the aesthetics of this post, which would be lacking otherwise.

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Will said...

To be fair, the entirety of the non-conference schedule for a team like Northeastern is going to be really tough games, most of them on the road. When you don't have the prestige of a UConn or a Pitt, you don't really have much sway in the scheduling.

That said, I don't think the Huskies will be all that competitive in the Colonial Conference considering their best player went to the NBA and their coach bounced to Duquesne and took their second-best player there too (who was subsequently shot in that now-infamous on-campus incident). But I think they won't lose every single game, either. UNC-Wilmington is usually one of the better teams in the conference and often has an outside shot at the tourney. So we'll see. Me, you, and Rick should definitely hit up some games though, I think they're also free like the hockey games.