Thursday, December 28, 2006

Um wut

per ESPN: "Prize free-agent Barry Zito is switching sides of the Bay, agreeing Thursday to a seven-year, $126 million deal with the Giants -- the largest deal ever for a pitcher."

There's so much to make of this, I don't know where to start. Zito, who was more or less my first favorite player, is now playing for "the enemy." Granted, A's-Giants is no Red Sox-Yankees, and at times such as this, when one of the two teams sucks, it's hardly a rivalry afire, but it still just feels, I dunno, wrong. Seeing Zito in a Giants uniform is going to be a strange, strange experience.

That said, I'm not particularly angry or anything. You knew this was coming, especially as an A's fan. It's not the Angels at least. I'll get to go watch him at The Phone from time to time, which is nice.

102 wins. 3.55 ERA. 1 Cy Young. 4-3, 3.25 in 6 postseason series. Thanks for the memories, Barry. Good for you, getting all that cash. Absurd that you're getting the richest contract for a pitcher in baseball history, but nonetheless, good for you.

One burning question though:

Signs such as this, which advertise the A's, are posted throughout BART stations. So how long do they take to come down, or can you leave em up with a little bit of airbrushing, or do the Giants stick it to the A's with their own Barry Zito advertisement?

Im burning with anticipation.

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