Thursday, November 16, 2006


Pitt by three at the midway mark, and I don't think I could be much more satisfied. The game's been a little more high-scoring than I would have expected, but that's partially because the field was drier than expected, given that it stopped raining at around 5 and just started again in the final minute or so of the first half.

To be fair to WV, they're not using the ground game to beat us anyway. They are using Steve Slaton, as expected, just they're using him downfield in the passing game. And credit to them for exploiting this weakness in Pitt's defense. Paul Rhoads had better figure something out to deal with him. Maybe even cover him with Darrelle Revis.

Credit has to be given to Tyler Palko, too. It looked for a little while like WV would start pulling away, but Palko hasn't missed a beat, and he's a main part of the reason Pitt has the lead right now. Not that it's surprising, but he deserves some kudos for his performance in the first half.

But speaking of Darrelle Revis. Play of the year.

I'm nervous right now, given Pitt's tendency to collapse in the second half (see: Michigan State, Connecticut). I'm really hoping the rain gives Pitt an edge here, but we'll see. So far, I couldn't have asked for much more than what the Panthers have given us. Not a bad half for these 11.5-point home underdogs.

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chris said...

i think i know why there was no second half of this article.