Friday, November 03, 2006

Dave Savini is watching you masturbate

I always thought that Chicago news would be above this.

[honestly, I'd like to know more about the blank stare]

I never believed for a second that Chicago would go and pull a Carl Monday. Dave Savini, however, a regular Carl Thursday, goes and pulls the stunt last night on the Chicago CBS outlet.

He confronted a man by the name of Richard Blaszak who was "touching himself" in a Naperville public library.

Of course, they do talk about other things that are happening. More important things like assault and battery. Of course, for whatever reason, they're not caught on camera and thus they're not exposed in the same manner by WBBM.

Question: are those two high schoolers actually disturbed by the dude masturbating in the library? They called 911, which is...well, excessive. Like they've honestly never seen public masturbation before. They should come into the city more often.

I think that the bigger issue of this report is why some of the bigger stuff isn't getting reported and taken care of. Obviously, a good deal of this stuff should be reported to the police. The things like the assaults and the thefts should be investigated. I think we can just let the library masturbator go about his business and just live with the embarrassment of the dirty look that woman gave him.

I just kinda wish people would stop being s'damn appalled.

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