Sunday, October 22, 2006

Series Recaps: The AL can't hit Braden Looper and Tyrone Woods gets the Bonds treatment

Cardinals 7, Tigers 2

Not much of a chance to point out strategic moves in this game, as the Cardinals handily won the battle of the starters and it was an AL game. I didn't watch any but the last inning of it so I can't comment on the umpiring. I bet the Tigers weren't expecting to lose to Anthony Reyes. It was the first NL World Series win since Game 6 in 2003. All of the sudden, I find myself not rooting against the Cardinals so much. Or at least not caring much if they win. It would rub it in the face of all those AL superiority cunts, and also would make the Mets look better in retrospect even though everyone smart will know that it doesn't matter much.

Dragons 4, Fighters 2

A poor start for my predictions as Kenshin Kawakami overcame early jitters to put up a good effort for he Dragons. Tyrone Woods was walked twice and went 1-2. Alex Ochoa has a chance to become one of very few players to win a World Series and a Japan Series. Bonus points if you find out who the others are with baseball-reference, because I'm sure not that dedicated.

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Or at least not caring much if they win.