Wednesday, October 04, 2006

An Homage to Pat Neshek

This really doesn't NEED to be done, since Neshek has his own blog (the excellent On The Road With Pat Neshek, a firsthand account of Pat's life as a professional baseball player). Despite the extremely interesting content posted by Neshek, though, not enough people know about him. Basically, Neshek is me if I were a pitcher: a righthanded sidearming reliever who loves baseball cards. On top of that, the blog is a great look inside the life of a big leaguer. Neshek looks at himself as a guy with a blog who just happens to play major league baseball, instead of as a major league baseball player who happens to have a blog. For instance, in his October 1st entry, not only did he talk about how exiting it was to watch the Royals beat the Tigers to allow his Twins to become the AL Central champs, but he also lets us know that his dad just finished his 11th Twin Cities marathon. On September 11th, Pat celebrated the 5 year anniversary of the day the world stopped spinning (literally?) by tearing open a box of Topps Allen & Ginter, blogging the results (including the base set completion rate and percentage of doubles!), and wrapping it up with an open invitation to his fans/readers to talk trades with him. Oh, and on top of all this, Neshek posted a 2.15 ERA in his first 29 1/3 innings of his major league career and is warming up as we speak to come into a 2-2 ballgame in a must-win game for the Twins in game 2 of the ALDS.

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