Thursday, October 12, 2006

The bestest Cub

We at Future Considerations have known this for a couple months, but it's starting to hit the mainstream. This is a letter that was printed in the Chicago Sun-Times yesterday.

Shame on you, Cubs! I, as did 39,000 other fans, attended the last game of the year. Despite the Cubs being in last place, we filled the stadium and stood cheering in the ninth inning for the win. What did the players and organization do to thank us? They walked away. Several hundred fans stood and waited for the players to come back on the field and say goodbye. They didn't come, and we were asked to leave. There would be no thanking the fans who stood by their Cubs through thick and thin, who bought their tickets to attend a meaningless game and who wore their favorite player's number. Here's to the one Cub who did come back: Matt Murton. For the rest of you players and coaches, thanks for nothing.

Geri Stevens, Des Plaines

Matt Murton: God amongst men, yet at the same time, a man of the people.

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